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PL 81/A

PL 81/A


Overhead speaker for false ceiling installation. 
The PL 81/A provides a wider amgle of coverage for large spaces with medium to high ceilings. 
The PL 81/A can support up to 40 W power and, if used without transformer, can generate a sound pressure of 113 dB. 
The A 1380 protection can be fitted when required by safety regulations.

  • High effi ciency speaker for high quality speech/music reproduction, also in environments with high ceilings
  • Music power/RMS for use without transformer: 20/10W (max. 40W, 8Ω)
  • Professional 8" coaxial speaker, cone tweeter
  • Low impedance (8Ω) or 100V
  • Built-in multi-tapped transformer for 100/70V constant voltage connection
  • Body in self-extinguishing plastic UL-94-5VA and front metal grille RAL 9010 White
  • Optional accessory: A 1380 protective base in aluminium (cod.13320031)

  • Type of speaker:Ceiling
  • Frequency Response:40 Hz ÷ 20 kHz
  • Max SPL @ 1m:110 dB
  • Horizontal coverage angle:90°
  • Vertical coverage angle:90°
  • Power Handling:10 W RMS
  • Peak Power Handling:20 W PEAK
  • System Sensitivity:97 dB
  • Impedance:8 Ω
  • Speaker:8"
  • Coaxial:1"
  • Input connector:6 pin terminal block
  • Constant voltage:100 V / 50 V
  • Power Selection:10 - 5 - 2.5 - 1.25 W (100 V)
  • Hardware:Plastic material
  • Colour:White
  • Grille:Steel
  • Height:112 / 4.40 mm/inch
  • Width:266 / 10.47 mm/inch
  • Depth:266 / 10.47 mm/inch
  • Net weight:2.33 / 5.13 kg/lbs
  • Package height:170 / 6.69 mm/inch
  • Package width:295 / 11.61 mm/inch
  • Package depth:300 / 11.81 mm/inch
  • Shipping weight:2.95 / 6.50 kg/lbs

Rabu, 09 November 2011

RCF - The Stories Begin...

At the forefront of the audio industry since 1949

Initially the company concentrated on the manufacturer and distribution of microphones, public address products and transducers.
During the 50’s and 60’s RCF quickly established itself as an OEM components manufacturer of transducers. In those years RCF was the first company to build a 300 W commercial amplifier in the mid sixties and, in the same period, the first in Europe to have a high level Transducer’s Research Centre.

RCF transducers soon became legendary and for more than 30 years our woofers, midrange and compression drivers have been used by some very prominent loudspeakers manufacturers worldwide.

In the course of time the company continued to expand its 100 Volt public address electronics, amplifiers and speakers. These being sold both as single products and in complete system solutions for airports, hotels, schools, railway stations, factories and public buildings in general.

Thanks to their know-how in transducers technology, in the 80’s RCF’s expansion continued with introduction of complete professional speaker boxes.
In 1996 the company launched the ART series of active composite-moulded cabinets. This technology, used at the time by a few manufacturers in the world, instantly repositioned RCF as an international loudspeakers maker.

From 2004 a new era began for RCF, since then, the company has designed, put into production and delivered to the market a substantial amount of new products every year. Among them stands the TT+ High Definition Touring and Theatre Series which became an instant success thanks to innovative amplifiers equipped with DSP and top of range transducer’s technology.

In July 2007 RCF Group (the company that comprises RCF S.p.A. and AEB Industriale s.r.l., which owns the brand dBtechnologies) was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

In 2008 the revolutionary ART 7 Series, the evolution of the ART Series, has been launched representing a fundamental technological step forward in the active speakers technology.